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What do you do when you feel unhappy about your body? Go on a diet? But then do you fall off the diet and overeat, or end up regaining weight after the diet? 

A healthy relationship with food is so much more important, and it's something that lasts for life, you can never unlearn the principles I use.

We look at yo-yo dieting, emotional eating, overeating, and work on learning to feel in control around food, trusting and listening to your body, body acceptance and positivity and nourishing your body with good food.  

It is a liberating and positive experience and I am there to guide you every step of the way. 

Green Smoothie


Kale and Cake offers coaching with Sarah Moore who has a Diploma in Eating Psychology (Distinction,) and a Diploma in Diet & Nutrition (Distinction.) She has a BA Hons degree from Durham University in Anthropology and Psychology, and is a silver member of the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists.

Since launching Kale and Cake she has been featured in Sussex Life Magazine and was an invitee to the East Sussex Women of the Year Lunch. She has spoken at events such as the Binky Felstead Mummy Tribe retreat and Wellness Wednesday for the Rare Brand Market. 

Sessions are run in her consulting room at her home in Ditchling Common, or can be arranged via Skype.



My signature programme is the Full Exploration

It is six consultations, which I recommend to undertake bi-weekly to give you time to do the exercises in between and the process lasts for 3 months, which is a really good time for you to change your relationship with food

  • Full Exploration | 6 sessions x 60 mins | £240 


Client Testimonials

"After only  two sessions with Sarah I already feel like she's provided so much clarity and insight. It felt like lightbulbs were going on as we were talking."

"Sarah's advice has been such a revelation. I felt so pessimistic about diets and food. This has been such a positive experience and so freeing to finally be in control."

I feel like all Sarah's teaching has suddenly clicked in my head and for the first time in years I am totally in control of what I am eating. I am losing weight naturally without any of the pain of being "on a diet" and have more energy."

"I am now free from  an endless cycle of yo-yo dieting and feel so much happier in myself. I have a totally different attitude towards food."

"Sarah is such a friendly and approachable person, she makes you feel at ease the moment you arrive. Her no nonsense approach to food and nutrition is like a breath of fresh air."

"I wish I had done this course twenty years ago. Having yo-yo dieted throughout all of my twenties and thirties, I can safely say I won't ever need to go on another "diet" again."

"I come away from sessions with Sarah feeling totally inspired, positive and armed with really good practical advice."

"This is totally what I needed - without even knowing I did. Having tried all manner of diets and regimes, this is the only way of eating I know I will be able to stick to."



A healthier you


A happier you



This is recommended if you want a mini re-haul of your food relationship and eating habits, but not the full in depth journey. Come away with some clear strategies on how to change habits, and some healthy eating and nutritional guidance.

60 minute consultation to discuss your relationship with food, current eating habits (please provide a 3 day food diary in advance) along with my feedback and suggestions.

Followed up by;

Eating Psychology strategies and healthy eating guidance via handouts which are posted or emailed. 




Get in touch if you have a query

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Appts on Weekdays

10am - 2pm

Evening Appts 

Wed and Thurs 8pm

If you require a specific time or weekend, please do just let me know via email and I can accommodate you.



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