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What do you do when you feel unhappy about your body? Go on a diet? But then do you fall off the diet and overeat, or end up regaining weight after the diet? 

A healthy relationship with food is so much more important, and it's something that lasts for life, you can never unlearn the principles I use.

We look at yo-yo dieting, emotional eating, overeating, and work on learning to feel in control around food, trusting and listening to your body, body acceptance and positivity and nourishing your body with good food.  

It is a liberating and positive experience and I am there to guide you every step of the way. 





Healthy Mindset 6 Module Online Course


Anyone that;

  • Needs to reconnect with their body and form healthier outlook on food. 

  • Overeats and feels unhappy about it.

  • Yo yo diets and is sick of the diet treadmill.

  • Feels out of control around food or certain foods.

  • Is constantly consumed with thinking about what they should and shouldn't be eating.


The modules we will cover are;

1. Hunger & Fullness - how to know when you're hungry, what to eat and when to stop.

2. Forbidden Foods - how to get control and balance around the foods you deem "bad" and overeat on.

3. Emotional Eating - why you want food when you're not hungry, strategies to help you not use food as an outlet.

4. Trusting your Inner Voice - how to focus on what your body is telling you and avoid negative self talk. 

5. Body Acceptance - how to learn to love the body you have so you want to give it good nourishment and move it. 

6. Good Nutrition - how to eat food that makes you feel good, gives you energy and stamina and in balance .


* Each module will be delivered by video approx 15 mins (these are not live and can be viewed in your own time.)

* You will also have a full workbook for each module with all the information (so no need to take notes) and including exercises to work on in between. These should take no longer than an hour to fill in, but you will be doing a lot of thinking in between modules. 

* The workbook is downloadable for you to keep and the whole course is accessible for 3 months, so you can work at your own pace. 

*I recommend you do a maximum of one module per week.


Cost is £120 for the full 6 module course

(£20 per module/week)

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Kale and Cake offers coaching with Sarah Moore who has a Diploma in Eating Psychology (Distinction,)

and a Diploma in Diet & Nutrition (Distinction.)

She has a BA Hons degree from Durham University in Anthropology and Psychology, and is a Silver member of the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists.

Since launching Kale and Cake, she has been featured in Sussex Life Magazine, been interviewed on BBC Radio Sussex and was an invitee to the East Sussex Women of the Year Lunch. She has spoken at events such as the Binky Felstead Mummy Tribe retreat and Wellness Wednesday for the Rare Brand Market. 

Sessions are currently not possible in person, but are available via zoom.


Client Testimonials

"Sarah is such a friendly and approachable person, she makes you feel at ease the moment you arrive. Her no nonsense approach to food and nutrition is like a breath of fresh air. The Full Exploration has been a revelation to me. I am now free from an endless cycle of yo-yo dieting and feel so much happier in myself. I have a totally different attitude towards food, it has truly changed my life."

"I visited Sarah with a history of weight issues and yo yo dieting since childhood. I thought there must be a simpler way to approach my eating, and Sarah's course was exactly what I was looking for. Sarah's common sense approach with self care and compassion at its core made perfect sense to me. I feel that Sarah is a trailblazer in this area and offers and intelligent alternative to our destructive diet culture. I am finally feeling free from the destructive diet and body image noise. Doctors should prescribe this course."

"Sarah's advice has been such a revelation. I felt so pessimistic about diets and food. This has been such a positive experience and so freeing to finally be in control.  I feel like all Sarah's teaching has suddenly clicked in my head and for the first time in years I am totally in control of what I am eating. I am losing weight naturally without any of the pain of being "on a diet" and have more energy. I wish I had done this course twenty years ago. Having yo-yo dieted throughout all of my twenties and thirties, I can safely say I won't ever need to go on another "diet" again."



A healthier you

Healthy Salad


A happier you


My Recipe Book

My recipe book "Simple Healthy Food" is available with over 60 quick and easy recipes. It's not a book for showing off cooking skills, just easy ways to put together whole foods for a healthy way of living.
Please email me at 
Cost £12 plus £3 P&P



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