• KaleandCake

Sussex Life September 2020


Following her feature in Sussex Life last March 2019, Sarah Moore Eating Psychology Coach and founder of Kale and Cake - is launching her first online course this September.

Sarah is keen to advocate against the perpetual diet mentality that we see showing up in the media and time again.

"There's lots of talk in the press at the moment about how to lose the 'Covid Stone' I instead encourage a healthy relationship with food. Emotional eating might have been more prevalent during lockdown, and I have particular strategies to address this in my course," says Sarah.

Sarah's new six-module course will explore how to recognise your hunger and fullness; how to approach 'bad' foods, which can make you feel out of control; emotional eating; how to find your intuitive eating voice and ignore what current culture shows us; body acceptance; how to love and respect the body you have and stop chasing perfection, and how to give your body good nutrition, so that you feel energised and great in your body.